Complete Distillation Apparatus Set, 500 ml

Item 5540-20


This glass distillation apparatus can be used for batch production of distilled water, manufacture of perfumes, concentrating acids, phenol, fractional distillation, determination of boiling point, etc. The set is packaged in custom cut-out soft foam block packaging and a sturdy box to keep it safe during delivery and storage.

Complete borosilicate glass/hardware set includes:
• Round bottom 500 ml flask
• 200 mm Graham type coil condenser with Stop Joint: 19/38
• 250 ml receiving flask
• 2 clamps
• Chemical-resistant, cake enamel finish, cast iron base 200 mm x 125mm (8″ x 5″) with a plated steel rod that can be unscrewed from the base for storage

Size 500ml, 19/38, 200mm
Weight 3.9 lb (glass parts) / 6.9 lb (stand)
  • AmSci Exclusive

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