Gas Convection Apparatus

Item 3210-01


This item is also known as a Convection Box or a Ventilation Apparatus. Use it for demonstrating the phenomenon of convection in air and the principle of room ventilation. It consists of an enameled metal box 4″ (100 mm) W x 8″ (200 mm) L x 4″ (100 mm) H, having a sliding glass door and 2 glass chimneys. When the included tea light candle is placed under 1 chimney and a smoldering tape or parchment paper is placed underneath the other chimney, the flow pattern of smoke dramatically illustrates the formation of convection currents. Tape or parchment paper are not supplied.
• Comes with a Teacher’s Guide and reproducible Student Handout
• 2 candles

Weight approx. 2lbs
Teacher's Guide
Student Handout
  • AmSci Exclusive
  • Teacher's Guide Included
  • Handout Included

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