IQ KEY Advanced 1200 Robotic STEM Kit

Item 3590-85


This set is intended to pair with the Perfect Series Kit (Perfect 600 Robotics Stem Kit, Item #3570-60) to expand and improve learning outcomes. The kit includes a remote control, receiver capsule, battery compartments, wires, connectors, and spare parts, allowing students to build even more machines and discover new ways to transfer and transform energy. Students will also learn about wireless controllers and connections by incorporating the wireless remote control and the receiver capsule into new or existing models.


• Comes with a Teacher’s Guide

• 14 pieces, including wireless remote control and receiver capsule

• An IQ Key Perfect 1000 plus the Advance Kit will create an Advance 1200 set

• Comes with a manual including set up instructions

• Requires AA batteries, not included

Weight .86
  • AmSci Exclusive

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