Prepared Slide Set, Human/Animal, Set/25

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These high-quality slides feature high contrast staining of tissues from plants, mammals, and humans. They are suitable for life science and biology classes at both the high school and college levels.
Includes 25 slides in a hard, plastic storage case:
• Plant cells (wm)
• Monocot root (cs)
• Monocot stem (cs)
• Dicot root (cs)
• Dicot stem (cs)
• Striated muscle (wm)
• Mammal adrenal gland (cs)
• Nerve cells (smear)
• Human bone marrow (smear)
• Adipose tissue (cs)
• Epithelium columnar (skin)
• Epithelium squamous
• Muscle cardiac
• Mammal pituitary gland (cs)
• Mammal thyroid gland (cs)
• Mammal brain (cs)
• Human cartilage (ts)
• Human blood smear
• Human bone (cs)
• Human skin (vs)
• Human liver (ts)
• Mammal kidney (ts)
• Mammal lung (ts)
• Mammal oesophagus (ts)
• Human ovary (ts)

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