Vacuum Pump, Electrical with Gauge, 110 V

Item 6080-00


Great for pressure and gravity experiments, this high-quality, efficient Vacuum Pump produces less noise and vibration, while using less energy. Its special design protects the environment and provides clean, filtered oil to the pump. It also prevents oil spray and oil from flowing back into and polluting the system. An alloy aluminum casing and a direct-drive design make for a compact and light pump that runs steadily for a long period of time, even in a low-temperature environment and at a low voltage. Its convenient gauge and adapter allow for easy adaptability to experiments.
• Comes with a manual
• Includes a bottle of oil
• CE Certified
• 110 V
• Single Stage
• Free Air Displacement: 3.0 cu ft/min at 60 Hz
• Voltage: 110 V/60 Hz
• Motor: 1/4 HP
• Ultimate Vaccum: 5 PA/0.05 Mbar
• Rotating Speed: 1720
• Oil Capacity: 220 ml
• Weight: 15.5 lb
• Dimensions: 9.5″ (243 mm) L x 4.5″ (114 mm) W x 8″ (207 mm) H

Size 27x11x25cm
Weight 18 lb
  • AmSci Exclusive

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