Vibration and Wave Demonstration Set

Item 8410-00S


Teaches mechanical vibration and waves. Use the set to teach about transverse and longitudinal standing waves as well as the concept of resonance, and mechanical vibration. The sine wave signal generator has a large 3-digit display and is combined with the vibration generator for low- and high-frequency vibrations with a range of 1–400 Hz (1-Hz increments) and 0.01–4.00 kHz (0.01-kHz increments).

• Wave Driver With Base 1 set
• Sine Wave Generator 1 pc
• Square Chladni Plate 1 pc
• Round Chladni Plate 1 pc
• Resonance Wire Loop 1 pc
• Metal Resonance Strips 1 pc
• Longitudinal Wave Spring 1 pc
• Banana Plug With Sockets, With Hole 2 pcs
• M3 Allen Wrench 1 pc
• M6 Allen Wrench 1 pc
• Blue Sand 1 bottle
• Stand and Spring Stretcher 1 set
• Connection Wire With Banana Plugs (1 red / 1 black) 2 pcs

  • Video Available

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