Wave Driver

Item 8420-00


This Wave Driver can be used with the Sine Wave Generator (Item #8410-00) to form the Vibration Demonstration Kit. The kit shows sine waves as they travel across a medium. Connection wires are included. It is truly a great, quality demonstration device at a low cost!
• Accessories can be purchased separately: Longitudinal Wave Spring Kit, Item #8430-01; Resonance Wire Loop Kit, Item #8430-02; Metal Resonance Strips, Item #8430-03; Sand and Shaker Kit for Chladni Plate Demonstration (Chladni Plate sold separately), Item #8430-07; Chladni Plates Kit, Item #8430-04; Chladni Plates Round and Square with Allen Key and Holder, Item #8430-04-01; Chladni Plates Round and Square, Item #8430-04-05
• Power: 1 A
• 3.91″ Dia. x 3.03″ H

  • AmSci Exclusive
  • Video Available

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