Friction Rod Set

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Learn about the triboelectric series, friction, induction and conduction! With this set, students can develop a model of what is happening to the electrons around the atoms in a conductor versus an insulator. Investigate the nature of the mobile subatomic particle called the electron and the forces created when an object has an unequal number of positive and negative charges. The guide included with this set encourages critical thinking in combining elements from Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and can be used to teach with Common Core and National Next Generation Science Standards.
• Comes with a Teacher’s Guide
• 1 hollow glass rod
• 1 lucite rod
• 2 hard rubber rods
• 1 flannel pad
• 1 silk pad
• 1 fur pad

Teacher's Guide
  • AmSci Exclusive
  • Teacher's Guide Included

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