The Significance of the Total Solar Eclipse

In the calendar of celestial events, a total solar eclipse stands out as a remarkable phenomenon, captivating observers around the world with its obscuration of the sun by the moon. This particular eclipse carves a path that offers a unique observational experience, merging scientific intrigue with natural beauty. Solar eclipses occur when the moon positions […]

Celebrating Black History Month

Black History Month is here! The month of February was declared to be “Black History Month,” which was first observed on the second week of February in 1926. The dates selected correlated with both Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglas’ birthdays. The Nation Association for the Advancement of Colored People, or NAACP, was also founded in […]

The Spooky Origins Of Halloween

Halloween is certainly a favorite holiday for millions throughout the world. Though it is widely celebrated throughout the world, it is undeniably unusual. On the surface level, the holiday seems to have misaligned values when compared to other holidays. Where do these unusual traditions come from? Let’s have a closer look at the history of […]

The Incredible Genius of Einstein

Albert Einstein was one of our planet’s most profound minds. Born in 1879 in Württemberg, Germany, he would go on to introduce numerous concepts to the field of theoretical physics. One hundred sixteen years ago today, Einstein first rose to prominence. This is because of his intriguing concepts and principles, first introduced in a publication […]

Recognizing LGBQ Accomplishments in Science

June is now here! That means warm weather, the summer solstice bringing the longest day of the year, and a month where businesses edit their logo to be rainbow colored! Here at American Scientific, we are looking back and honoring a member of the LGBQ community and his legacy and impact on both WWII, the […]

Spotlight on Asian Americans in Science

Chien-shiung Wu (1912-1997) Did you know that May is Asian American & Pacific Islander month? This month, we take the opportunity to honor an Asian American that have made a difference in US history and the scientific field as a whole! Chien-Shiung Wu was a Chinese American that was born in May, 1912. She graduated […]

Rare ‘Ring of Fire’ Solar Eclipse Happening This Weekend

On Sunday, June 21st, an annular solar eclipse will be taking place. An annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon covers the Sun’s center. This results in a ‘ring of fire’ around the moon. The path of this particular solar eclipse will be visible across Africa, Ethiopia, Pakistan, India, China, and Taiwan. A partial solar […]