Mini Ripple Tank

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This apparatus uses modern technology to completely update the Ripple Tank concept. It provides a compact and elegant method of showing the wave phenomena of diffraction, refraction, reflection, and interference, with none of the usual problems. The tank is 4″ (100 mm) square and is supported on a base which provides the wave generator and lighting. Images of the water waves produced are projected upwards onto a frosted screen, which is viewed from above. The white light source can be switched between constant illumination and strobe to give either moving or frozen images on the screen. In the strobe mode, the light source is synchronized to the wave generator so that perfectly static patterns are displayed. The wave frequency can be varied, giving wavelengths in the tank ranging from several cm to a few mm.
• 4″ (100 mm) square
• Base that provides the wave
• 3 Acrylic shapes for refraction
• 3 Aluminum plates for reflection
• 3 Dippers for plane and circular
• Wave generation
• Full instructions
• Power adapter

Weight 4
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