Subtractive Color Theory Demonstration

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The Subtractive Color Theory Demonstration can be used to promote memory retention, encourage logical thinking, and teach the optics and physics of color subtraction. As you are challenged to create specific color designs on the back-lit board, you must predict how colors of the filter tiles will mix either by experimentation or previous understanding – then you must strategically slide the squares into the correct configurations.

An extensive guide to lead you through a variety of activities is included!

This Color Theory Demonstration has a game-like quality and is elegantly simple. It makes exploring and experimenting with color mixing accessible (and fun!) for curious minds of all ages.

Teachers: Use the puzzle as a way to introduce the phenomena of subtractive color mixing to students in a classroom and explore color theory even more deeply through the games and related activities in the included guide.

• Back-lit Base with On/Off Switch
• Detachable Power Adapter
• 2 Sets of 18 Color Filters
each set includes: 3 Cyan, 3 Magenta, 3 Yellow, 3 Red, 3 Blue, 3 Green
• Activity Guide

Extra sets of filters are available for additional learning and scientific discovery!

Weight 3.25 lbs
Teacher's Guide
  • Teacher's Guide Included

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