Gravity Ball

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Thanks to the Gravity Ball, anyone can measure any distance, and study the laws of gravity- in a fun way! The timer is activated by the release of a button, and stops when the ball comes in contact with another surface!  The display measures to the hundredth second, up to 29.99 seconds. The ball can be dropped up to 12 meters (39.9 feet), or roughly around 3 stories. To ensure the Gravity Ball’s safety, make sure the ball has some form of padding on the desired landing location.

 There are a wide variety of experiments that can take place when you use the ball in different ways. Try throwing the ball upward, or sideways, or drop it! There are so many possibilities with the Gravity Ball. It is a great demonstration of acceleration by gravity, and easy to understand.

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-Gravity Ball Device
-Gravity Ball Stand

Teacher's Guide
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